Corporate Event Solutions

Considered to be one of the most influential conferences for technology developers, I/O introduces new product and platform innovations from Google every year.

Immersive Projection

Our team was tasked to create an immersive projection design to simulate a simultaneous virtual reality experience helping attendees conceptualize Google’s featured product…. while producing an interactive experience for the PreShow to help generate excitement going into the keynote.

Upon entry, attendees found themselves in a unique event stage design featuring an ultra-wide digital projection environment to strategically simulate a virtual reality experience for every attendee during Google’s Featured Product Demo Over 4,000 seats were placed throughout the room, each one with a panoramic view of over 520’ of immersive content allowing attendees to have a personal… yet simultaneous product demonstration.

Interactive Event Technology

For the PreShow experience, the team engineered and programmed a custom pong game that was played across the entire 520′ canvas in a live interactive tournament, creating a truly memorable experience.


Immersive Content

Customized content was also created featuring a trip through the universe and a migrating whale swimming around the room during the tournaments intermissions.

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