What we do

We design and produce live events and visual effects that resonate.

Experience Design

We take stage design to another level with experiences that are explicitly handcrafted to address our clients’ marketing objectives in a way that creates an emotional connection with their audience… resulting in a truly memorable event.​

Experience Design
Media Production

Video Production

We produce immersive content and visual effects that influence audiences to interact and engage with brand messaging. ​

Audio Visual Production

We enable creativity in audio visual production beyond the limits of off-the-shelf products through our innovations in event technology. Tailored systems are designed and engineered to bring physical form to our clients’ live events and experiences.

Technical Event Production
Event Production

Live Event Production

We design and produce event productions that are on time and as planned to blow minds and not budget.

Production Management Case Studies

To maximize creativity and ensure flawless execution, our creative production company brings together a unique collection of versatile disciplines under a single roof to collaborate on every phase of the event production.

For creative corporate event production, EMN8 is your partner in creating extraordinary brand experiences.


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